Did Skip Bayless just curse the Dallas Cowboys with his NFC East prediction?


Skip Bayless predicts the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East but fail to win a playoff game.

Skip Bayless has never been afraid to make a prediction but he has also established a lengthy track record of being wrong more than he’s right.

One need look no further than his NBA predictions for this year’s playoffs to know just how wrong the FS1 talking head can be. If you can’t stand to watch him on TV, you may have him muted on Twitter where he fires off one tweet after another like his account is going to expire at any minute.

So consider Bayless has predicted the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East this season.

On the surface, that should be a pretty popular pick among Cowboys fans, because of course, it will be. Everyone likes when their favorite team is picked to win their division.

Dak Prescott is back and healthy, Ezekiel Elliott looks like he’s lost some weight and is determined to have a big year and the second year for Mike McCarthy should be a little smoother than the first.

Also consider that Washington, Philadelphia and New York all have significant question marks when it comes to winning the division and the Cowboys may be the division champ and make Bayless look smart.

Winning the NFC East could be as far as the Cowboys go this year

Just like last year’s division champ, Washington, Bayless expects it’ll be one-and-done in the playoffs for the Cowboys. Bayless has the Cowboys getting in the playoffs but they won’t win a game.

Did Bayless just jinx the Cowboys with his prediction?

If you’re a Cowboys fan, would you prefer Bayless doesn’t pick the Cowboys to win the division just to steer clear of a potential Bayless curse? It’s likely not going to serve as an added motivation for any player nor will it serve as bulletin-board material for the rest of the NFC East.

It could just set the stage for Bayless to say the Cowboys aren’t good enough when they ultimately prove him right or if they prove him wrong, he’ll take all the credit for them surprising everyone by winning a playoff game.

That’s the oldest trick in the talking head playbook. He can’t be wrong. He will only shift the goalposts.

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