Dak Prescott won’t reveal COVID-19 vaccination status, doesn’t know what HIPAA is


Dak Prescott using HIPPA as an excuse for not revealing his vaccination status is awkwardly wrong.

The NFL has turned up the heat in terms of the coronavirus protocols. In an effort to get more players vaccinated, the league sent out a memo with policies regarding COVID, potential outbreaks and unvaccinated players. Essentially, unvaccinated players who cause an outbreak on their team could result in forfeited games and lost money. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is keeping his vaccination decision close to the vest.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was asked again if he received the COVID vaccine, resorting to HIPPA laws as to why. But, HIPPA has nothing to do with him revealing his vaccination status, however.

Dak Prescott doesn’t understand what HIPPA is after using it to defend concealed vaccination status.

In June, Dak Prescott said that he won’t reveal his vaccination status publicly when asked by reporters at a press conference. On Friday, the quarterback doubled down on not disclosing if he’s taken the vaccine, using HIPPA as a reason why. Unfortunately for Prescott, his answer missed the mark completely.

“Cowboys QB Dak Prescott declined to say he got the vaccine, pointing to HIPPA, but he believes the team will reach the NFL vaccinated threshold.”  Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported via Twitter.

Where to begin with this one. Let’s start with the fact that Prescott doesn’t realize the HIPPA holds healthcare providers responsible for disclosing patients’ private medical information to the government. It has nothing to do with a reporter inquiring about your vaccination status. That’s the most egregious part of the quarterback’s reasoning.

Not to mention, inquiring about a player’s health, especially given how the NFL has prioritized such in recent years, is perfectly ok. Running behind a law that has no context to the question makes Prescott look bad in this situation. Him not disclosing his vaccination status is his choice, but give a reason that makes sense next time.

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