Chiefs reach impressive vaccination rate as NFL turns up the heat


The Kansas City Chiefs have reached a team vaccination rate of 90% as the NFL implements new COVID protocols.

The NFL is trying its best to put down the hammer in terms of getting players vaccinated for the coronavirus. New COVID protocols were released this week, and the league is threatening the forfeiture of games and money if an unvaccinated player causes an outbreak on their team. The league would like to see all teams reach the recommended 85 percent vaccination rate by Week 1.

Some teams are working towards the goal, others are far away from it, and a handful of teams are exceeding it. The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the squads that are handling business.

They have one of the highest vaccination rates in the NFL, impressive given the NFL’s recent push for players to get to COVID vaccine.

The Kansas City Chiefs hit a 90 percent COVID-19 vaccination rate.

The Chiefs must not want to have any restrictions for the upcoming NFL season. They are one of the few teams that have reached the league recommended 85 percent vaccinations, going even higher to 90 percent, according to Sam McDowell of The Kansas City Star. The league has talked about lifting all coronavirus protocols for teams that make the recommended vaccination rate.

“We’re one of the teams where players have really challenged themselves to get things done and take care of business,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said. “I think it’s guys talking to each other; I think it’s trusting your medical staff, which ends up being important.”

Kansas City is doing everything they can to have as few distractions to the season as possible. After what Patrick Mahomes and company said this offseason, there are more than ready to avenge that 31-9 beatdown in Super Bowl 55.

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