Packers: Colin Cowherd and Ryen Russillo have valid criticism of Aaron Rodgers drama


Everyone seems to be on Aaron Rodgers’ side in his beef with the Green Bay Packers, but Colin Cowherd and Ryen Russillo bring up valid points on whether Rodgers is truly a victim.

The Green Bay Packers have stayed in the sports news cycle this NFL offseason for all of the wrong reasons. Their very public drama with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has many people taking his side. Many feel as though Rodgers hasn’t been given the proper tools to succeed, and the quarterback himself showed it wasn’t just about money when reports surfaced that he turned down a two-year extension this offseason.

Many have taken No. 12’s side in his beef with the Packers, but Colin Cowherd and Ryen Russillo aren’t sold that Rodgers is the victim here. On Cowherd’s show, they bring up some valid criticisms of the ongoing feud the Packers have with the start signal-caller.

Ryen Russillo on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers: “Prove to me you are the victim”

Not much has come out in terms of what Aaron Rodgers’ real issue is with the Packers. The only solid evidence is that Green Bay drafted Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The theories and speculation took off from that, but no other gripes Rodgers has with the Packers organization have been made public. Ryen Russillo needs more specifics before giving the star quarterback any pity.

“The whole Aaron Rodgers saga has been rather vague … You’re playing the victim; convince me you’re the victim. Just drafting Jordan Love and not getting a heads up is not enough. I need something more specific,” Russillo said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Given that no real details have come out about Rodgers’ unhappiness with Green Bay, Russillo has a valid point. The vagueness surrounding No. 12’s’ situation is real, and who knows when the specifics of why he wants to leave will be released? However, Green Bay simply looking out for their future by drafting Jordan Love isn’t enough for Rodgers to want out. He was literally in the same situation with Brett Favre, so he should understand what the Packers are doing.

The feud between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers is vague and starting to sound more like the quarterback is whining than having an actual issue with Green Bay — unless the specifics come out.

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