Is Tom Brady a Republican, a Trump supporter, or Democrat?


Tom Brady Trump supporter? He’s one of the most famous American athletes and a global icon, which has many people wondering Is Tom Brady a Republican or Democrat? 

Curiosity didn’t really kill the cat, it simply neglected it while we all went on a deep dive to figure out the answer to some random question we have.

Usually, these questions provide useless knowledge, but sometimes the thread we pick at has a larger effect than that. Given the political turmoil of the last half-decade, affiliation has become either a badge or a Scarlett Letter depending on who you are.

Our curiosity in what political party a famous person is affiliated with has become less about wanting to know and more about needing to see if some celebrity is on your side or against you. A lot of the time it’s hard to figure out and our perception of a person prejudices our interpretation of them.

Like, remember when we all thought Taylor Swift was 100 percent a Republican? Look how that turned out.

Tom Brady was at the White House for the first time since going with the New England Patriots back in 2014. Notably, he didn’t attend any of the White House visits while Donald Trump was in office, despite the fact that many believe Brady is a Trump-supporting Republican.

In his first trip back, Brady rocked the boat a little by delivering a scathing joke at the expense of Donald Trump.

With Tom Brady at the White House, that was the last thing we expected him to say.

Is Tom Brady a Republican?

Ever since infamously putting a MAGA hat in his locker during an interview back in 2015, Brady has held his political affiliation close to his chest.

There’s a lot of grey area in Brady’s political affiliation, but we all got some clarity ahead of the 2020 election. During the NFL’s campaign to fight racism and raise awareness for diversity and inclusion, Brady was an instrumental part of the image campaign.

Tom Brady Trump supporter?

One of the most commonly combined words over the last four years was the biggest question we had about his political affiliation: Tom Brady Trump supporter?

The MAGA hat didn’t do him any favors, but once the hat became a symbol of bigotry and hatred Brady distanced himself from it. He also distanced himself from Trump over the course of his presidency.

Before the 2020 election, Gisele Büdchen came out and said neither she nor Brady would be voting for Trump. They didn’t say whether Biden was getting their vote, but simply that Trump would not be.

So while Brady may be a Republican, it’s been firmly established that he’s not a follower of Donald Trump. Both his voting history and his barb at the former President are proof of that.

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