Look: Baker Mayfield trolls Texas on Twitter with ‘Horns Down’ photo collage from Oklahoma days


Baker Mayfield trolls the Texas football program with an epic “Horns Down” Twitter collage.

There is no love lost between Oklahoma legend Baker Mayfield and the Texas football program.

With the Big 12 officials making it more difficult for rival teams of the Texas Longhorns to hit ’em with the “Horns Down” taunt, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Oklahoma put together a marvelous collage on Twitter to let Texas know what’s up. Though he stars for the NFL‘s Cleveland Browns these days, you never forget who your biggest rival was in college.

Nobody used “Horns Down” more effectively during his Big 12 run than Mayfield did at Oklahoma.

Baker Mayfield creates a perfect “Horns Down” collage to troll Texas football

While “Horns Down” had been a collective Big 12 unifier to openly troll Texas, the conference officials are trying to remove the taunting hand gesture away from the gridiron. Unfortunately, there is one loophole where Big 12 players on the other nine teams in the conference can flash the controversial hand gesture: At their own fans. They likely will not be penalized in that case.

The Big 12 trying to get rid of “Horns Down” would be like SEC officials preventing the opposition from doing the Gator Chomp to troll Florida. College football fans are exceptionally petty to begin with, so this only exacerbates things. The only way the “Horns Down” movement comes to an end is when Texas is good enough to finally be back. A decade-plus later, we are still eagerly waiting…

Mayfield’s “Horns Down” collage should be displayed in a Norman museum for everyone to see.

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