Watch: Adam Schefter runs through what an Aaron Rodgers-Packers divorce would look like (Video)


NFL insider Adam Schefter has basically come out and said what Aaron Rodgers must do to separate himself from the Green Bay Packers. 

With each minute that passes, the anxiety grows for Green Bay Packers fans out there regarding Aaron Rodgers. The reigning MVP is yet to decide whether or not he’ll return to Lambeau Field next year, with him either sitting out the 2021 campaign or retiring being options.

If you ask NFL insider Adam Schefter, though, it’s clear that Rodgers wants to keep playing. The only issue here for Brian Gutekunst and the front office is that Schefter believes Rodgers wants a fresh start elsewhere. So, what will need to go down for that to happen?

Adam Schefter believes that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to keep playing in Green Bay

In the video above, Schefter thinks Rodgers needs to get some ‘mud on his hands’ and just be open about how he feels. Again, Schefter thinks Rodgers wants out, so for that to happen, the superstar signal-caller will need to let everyone know he loves his coaches and teammates, but he wants to play elsewhere.

Rodgers has been linked with multiple teams, including the Denver Broncos. Stud pass-rusher Von Miller came out and said he thinks the front office has what it takes to pull off a blockbuster deal.

If Rodgers were to make his way to Denver, the Broncos would no doubt become major players in the AFC. However, there’s nothing but speculation there and the Packers have even said they don’t plan on trading Rodgers. Things can change, though.

Soon enough we may have our answer on what Rodgers will end up doing once Week 1 arrives. For the sake of people’s mental health in Wisconsin, we sure hope that decision comes sooner than later.

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