Adam Schefter dropped a Deshaun Watson trade rumor bomb while talking to Eagles fans


ESPN’s Adam Schefter rekindled some Deshaun Watson rumors, stoking old coals about the Eagles supposed interest. 

A few months ago it looked like the NFL was going to undergo a Face/Off style

Aaron Rodgers requested a trade, Russell Wilson openly pondered what it would be like to play for the Cowboys or Bears, and Deshaun Watson engaged in a standoff with the Texans that is still ongoing.

Watson has other issues to deal with away from football. His offseason narrative changed from coveted quarterback on the trade block to a sexual abuser facing 22 civil suits on allegations of sexual misconduct.

That pretty much signaled the end of rampant trade speculation surrounding Watson, but the coals are once again being stoked as training camps begin.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped a bomb while talking with 97.5 The Fanatic’s John Kincade, saying the Eagles are in the best position to make a trade for Watson this summer.

“The Eagles are more equipped to make a run at Deshaun Watson than any other team out there,” Schefter said. “And if you put Deshaun Watson on the Philadelphia Eagles they become a Super Bowl contender right away.”

NFL Rumors: Will Eagles trade for Deshaun Watson?

Schefter didn’t say a trade is in the works, but the mere mention of the Eagles and Watson is sure to whip Philly into a fervor.

The Eagles have been really weird about their quarterback situation this offseason. Philly traded Carson Wentz to the Colts, signed Joe Flacco to compete for the starting job, and have gone out of their way to be publically non-commital about moving forward with Jalen Hurts as the starter.

Add to this the fact that back when the Watson rumors were hitting their peak, the Eagles were thrown into the fray as supposedly having interest. Even during the NFL Draft, some thought the Eagles could possibly take a quarterback — mostly because Howie Roseman didn’t say they weren’t — and when Philly traded up in the draft with Justin Fields on the board there was a brief moment of WTF-ness that spread among fans.

Watson’s saga remains TBD as far as when it will be a loose end that gets tied up. The focus remains away from football and on his legal troubles, rightfully so, but Schefter coming in off the top rope to rekindle the rumors is definitely notable.

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