Patrick Mahomes trolled Justin Herbert into another dimension while on the golf course


Patrick Mahomes is not hopping on the Justin Herbert hype train while on the golf course.

During the American Century Championship last weekend, a spectator tried to heckle Patrick Mahomes about being on the lookout for Justin Herbert this year. No, the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback was not having any of it.

Herbert may be coming off an incredible rookie season out of Oregon with the Los Angeles Chargers, but Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL today. Given that these two rival teams play in the same AFC West, we will have to wait and see if Herbert is the real deal this upcoming season. Mahomes shares the same opinion many NFL fans have about Herbert entering year two.

Someone heckling Mahomes while on the golf course with regards to Herbert is a sight to behold.

Patrick Mahomes completely trolls Justin Herbert while on the golf course

Entering this season, most NFL fans believe the Chiefs will win the AFC West once again, while the Chargers will likely contend for one of three wild card spots in the conference. Kansas City has won the AFC the last two seasons and made it to back-to-back Super Bowls. As for the Chargers, they seem to have landed a franchise quarterback the exact year they pivoted off Philip Rivers in 2020.

Could Chargers vs. Chiefs be the next great rivalry in the AFC? Let’s hope so, but for now, we need to let next season unfold and see if Herbert’s Bolts can hold up their end of the bargain. As long as Mahomes is healthy, Kansas City is a given. Unfortunately, the Chargers’ snakebitten past makes them an incredibly difficult team to count on every given year. Maybe Herbert can change that?

Mahomes has every right to dismiss the Herbert hype train, as the AFC West runs through K.C.

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