Big Ben hypes up Najee Harris with glowing endorsement Steelers fans will love

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is fired up to see what Najee Harris can accomplish in his rookie year. 

As soon as the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to use a first-round pick on former Alabama running back Najee Harris, the bar was no question set quite high for him. One of the best running backs in the country during his college days, the former Crimson Tide standout was a true star. Now, he’s ready to take the AFC North by storm.

If you ask veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, this youngster has what it takes to really impress. Matter of fact, Roethlisberger’s latest quote on the rookie running back should fire Steelers fans up.

Ben Roethlisberger can’t wait to see what Najee Harris can accomplish this fall

With James Conner leaving during free agency and signing with the Arizona Cardinals, Harris will be ready to compete for the starting job. Regardless on whether or not he opens as the No. 1 running back on the depth chart, he’s going to get a ton of work from the start of the season.

Mike Tomlin may choose to ease him into things in September, but there’s no question that Harris is the running back of the future for this team. After four great years at Alabama under Nick Saban, including two as the starter, Harris is ready to ball out at Heinz Field.

For Roethlisberger, this is expected to be his final year in the NFL. There were rumors that he’d end up retiring after 2020, but he’s back for at least one more go. Should the Steelers win the AFC North and make noise in the playoffs, Roethlisberger will of course need to have a strong year. At the same time, Harris’ number will be called to deliver as well.

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