Aaron Rodgers gets utterly disrespected in ESPN insider’s latest QB rankings


ESPN’s Jeff Darlington somehow thinks Aaron Rodgers is the third-best quarterback in the NFL behind Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. 

Is there any debate as to how good Aaron Rodgers is? Yes, the focus on him this offseason has been his drama with the Green Bay Packers front office, but let’s not forget he’s the reigning MVP and is one of the best players in the game. But, is he the third-best quarterback?

If you ask ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, that’s the case. Somehow, Darlington has Rodgers at No. 3 behind Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. While both those guys are studs, give us a break here Mr. Darlington.

The thought of Aaron Rodgers being the third-best quarterback in the league is absurd

No disrespect to Brady, the GOAT of the NFL, but there’s just no way he’s currently a better quarterback than Rodgers. Do we need to bring up the fact that Rodgers indeed was MVP last year after throwing for 48 touchdowns and five interceptions?

Brady is still amazing, but he’s not at Rodgers’ level. If Rodgers had Tampa Bay’s defense on his side, he’d be the one celebrating a Super Bowl title last winter, looking to repeat as a champ come 2021. Don’t tell us that Brady could switch places with Rodgers and still get the job done, there’s just no way.

The rest of the summer, everyone will be waiting to see if Rodgers returns to the Packers or if he decides to sit out the year/retire. If he does get back on the field, he’ll do so as arguably the best signal-caller in the game. The third-best? No way. Rodgers probably doesn’t pay attention to these clips, but if he sees it, he’ll probably laugh it off. Darlington needs to wake up.

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