Watch: David Bakhtiari chugged beers with his dad at Game 3 (Video)


The David Bakhtiari Bucks game beer chug tradition went to a whole new level at Game 3 on Sunday.

There might not be anything more Wisconsin than a burly offensive lineman chugging a beer while tens of thousands of people lose their minds cheering him on.

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari has made it a tradition to chug a beer while sitting courtside at Milwaukee Bucks games. He did it in the regular season, so of course he would be there to do it in the playoffs.

Bakhtiari was courtside for Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and when a fan showed off a custom Bucks jersey with Bakhtiari’s name on it the Jumbotron cameras cut to the lineman as he showed his appreciation.

Then he did what he does best at Bucks games, he crushed a beer. He turned to the camera and gave a very NSFW message of encouragement to fans, and then crushed another beer.

As Bakhtiari finished his second beer, another man rose to the occasion of chugging a beer to pump up the crowd. It was just anyone, however, it was Karl Bakhtiari — David’s father.

The Bucks game beer chugging tradition has become a family affair.

David Bakhtiari Bucks game beer chug tradition went to a new level

If Bakhtiari was going to take his beer chugging tradition to another level, then Game 3 of the NBA Finals was the game to do it.

Usually Bakhtiari is joined by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who usually chugs a beer right along side him. With Rodgers’ future with the Packers uncertain — and the man thousands of miles away at a golf tournament — the duty of side kick fell to Karl Bakhtiari who was very much up for the challenge.

Beers weren’t the only thing crushed in Game 3. The Bucks scorched the Suns to get back into the series with a 120-100 win. The series is still tilted 2-1 in favor of Phoenix, but of the type of energy that everyone on Milwaukee’s side brought in Game 3 is there on Wednesday, this series is about to take on a whole new life.

Which is great news because there are plenty more beers for Bakhtiari to crush — maybe with Aaron Rodgers being a future surprise guest.

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