Patrick Mahomes talking about the Super Bowl will make you want to run through a wall


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is feeling healthy and ready to rock to go on another Super Bowl run. 

Everyone in Kansas City is waiting for the Chiefs to get back on the field. And of course, everyone is waiting to see one of the best quarterbacks in the game get back in uniform and throw the ball all over the field.

Yes, we’re talking about Patrick Mahomes. The signal-caller has been on the grind this offseason rehabbing from foot surgery. He’s all set to lead the offense out onto the field come Week 1, and Mahomes’ latest quote lets you know he’s chomping at the bit to make more plays happen.

Patrick Mahomes is ready to try and bring another Super Bowl title home

Let’s spare hyperbole: Mahomes is jacked up right now. He’s counting down the days himself to get back to Arrowhead and hear thousands and thousands of supporters screaming at the top of their lungs.

With training camp around the corner, Mahomes will get out of the gates at full speed, especially with his toe feeling great. You know he’s still thinking about the Super Bowl loss to the Bucs this past winter. It was a stunner, as Tom Brady went out and won his seventh ring, while Tampa Bay’s defense really held Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense in check.

Come next February, Mahomes wants to make sure no one brings that up again, as a Super Bowl win would definitely silence any of his haters out there in the best way possible. You better believe that the 2021 campaign has monster potential to be a memorable one for the Chiefs. Obviously, the same can be said for Mahomes.

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