No one knows what Adam Schefter’s Aaron Rodgers update means


Adam Schefter just dropped an update on Aaron Rodgers and no one knows exactly what it means at all. 

It’s officially the point in the summer where any time Aaron Rodgers’ name is mentioned, folks are going to freak out. Over in Wisconsin, you know this is 100 percent the case for Green Bay Packers fans everywhere. People want to know if Rodgers will suit up once Week 1 rolls around.

Well, ESPN insider Adam Schefter just dropped an update on Rodgers on his Twitter account, but no one knows exactly what it means. Seriously, everyone is more confused than ever before.

Adam Schefter has caused plenty of confusion with his new Aaron Rodgers update

So, does this mean Rodgers plans to suit up for the Packers in September? Can we get some sort of confirmation, Mr. Schefter? This appears to be related to the news that no players have opted out of the season due to COVID concerns, which of course wasn’t the case last year. But, if that’s the case, why would Schefter kind of troll us all here with the phrasing of his tweet?

He had to know that Rodgers would draw plenty of attention. With that said, Rodgers didn’t opt out last year. So for him to try and make the connection here is odd. While there’s still a chance Rodgers could end up sitting out the season amidst his beef with the front office, that remains to be seen. Heck, he could end up retiring too.

No one out there knows what’s going on in Rodgers mind. Packers fans of course want him back, while Broncos supporters are dreaming of John Elway trading for him. Hopefully Schefter’s next update on Rodgers provides us with more answers than questions.

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